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GDPR Privacy Statement

Personal data is information that identifies you or, can be used to contact you. The personal data you have provided Two for Joy Introductions with, is most of the information you gave when completing your application to join us. For example, name, address, phone or mobile number, email address. This personal data will be processed by us for the following purposes.

  • To match you with a suitable person
  • To inform you of a suitable match we have for you
  • To arrange a meeting with a suitable match
  • To provide you with ongoing support throughout the matching process
  • To send you updates to our Terms and Conditions

We will not store any of your personal data online.

The option to receive product updates and newsletters is included as a tick box option on the membership agreement form. (You may have been sent an additional form to complete in relation to this option if already a member with us by May 2018). You can opt out of receiving these by contacting us on 01709 301101. With your consent we may use email to send you any updates, general product information and your own profile. Profiles of other clients will always be sent by first class post and not by email.

The legal basis on which we can process your personal data is that we have a signed contract with you.

Special data

Any information you have provided us with in relation to your ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or political view is called special data and as such is subject to increased legal protection and will be protected by us with increased care. Without your specific consent this will not be divulged to anyone other than the Two for Joy Managers. The legal basis on which we can process this is that the signed contract we have with you, states that this data can only be used as a factor to be considered, when identifying a suitable match for you.

We will only use your personal data for the purpose of finding you a suitable match. Suitable matches will be provided with a copy of your profile that you have previously approved. Your contact details will only be provided with your specific consent. Profiles that are sent to you must be regarded as private and confidential, must not be shared or viewed by anyone else, and should be shredded when no longer in contact with that person.

No bank account details will be recorded or stored by us. If you have opted to pay by card payments, your card details will be inputted into our Feepay Limited (‘Easy Payment Plus’) virtual card terminal at the time of payment and will not be recorded or stored by us. We have a contractual agreement with Feepay limited to process data on our behalf and as such they have a privacy policy which states that they will securely process personal data in accordance with GDPR regulations. Two for Joy Limited cannot be held responsible for any data breach that may occur as a result of Feepays data storage process.

Your personal data and copies of correspondence sent to and from you, will be filed manually and stored securely in a locked filing cabinet, in our locked office. Access will be restricted to Two for Joy staff.

You have the right to view and update the personal data we hold on you. This can be arranged by contacting us on 01709 301101.

Your personal data will be kept by us for the full period of your membership. Your payment invoices will be kept on file for 7 years and the remainder of your personal data will be shredded.

In the process of conducting our business it may be necessary for some of your personal information e.g. name and membership fee, being viewed by another professional agency e.g. accountant. We will ensure that they are aware of and agree to work within the boundaries of our privacy policy.

We will never sell or give your personal data to other organisations or agencies for marketing purposes or without obtaining your specific consent. We may be required to share your personal data in order to;

  • Comply with legal obligations
  • To exercise our legal rights (e.g. in court cases)
  • For the protection, detection, investigation or prosecution of offenders
  • For the protection of our employees or clients

This privacy policy is subject to change and any such changes can be made without prior notification.