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Testimonials for Our Dating Service

Below are some testimonials from our members.

"Me and my Girlfriend met through Two for Joy and would both reccomend this service as they made us both feel relaxed and introduced us to each other. Thanks Two for Joy for the top service." Ben, 42

"I had tried meeting people online and just got people wanting a fling. So I joined Two for Joy to find someone who actually wanted a relationship. I would like to thank you for introducing me to the love of my life, I have never been as happy! I would definitely reccommend Two for Joy to other people." Louise, 36

"I found your number by chance, and it took me weeks to have the courage to ring you. So glad I did! From the first meeting I felt in safe hands. After my partner died 4 years ago I thought I would never be happy again. Within 2 weeks I met a wonderful lady who has gone through the same as me. Don't put it off like I did, give them a call." John, 59

“The initial meeting was pleasant and productive. I have received good service to date and I am looking forward to working with them in the future and meeting more new people.” Jeff, 75

“On the first meeting, I found Sue to be very friendly, and I was made to feel very comfortable and at ease, it was like meeting with an old friend! I have been a member for 6 months now and I am very happy with the service I have received so far. I have joined other similar agencies in the past, and was left feeling very disappointed, like I couldn’t contact them and that they were just after my money. This one has been completely different however, and I feel that they really care about my experience with them. I feel that I can contact them whenever I need to, to discuss any worries or to ask any questions, and it feels like I am talking to a friend. This is the best introductions service I have ever been a member of.” Pauline, 75

"First class service and great introductions! I would recommend this service to anyone." Gary, 56

"I'd nearly given up on the idea of finding someone, but decided to give it one last shot and joined Two for Joy. I'm glad I did, as I have met a lovely man who treats me like a lady!" Jean, 63

"5 Star Service and good rapport with the consultants, found what I was looking for."Phil, 52

"Picking up the telephone for the initial conversation was a most nerve wracking experience, however, a friendly voice at the other end of the line soon made me more relaxed. I felt quite at ease when meeting to discuss what should be included on my profile, Sue was easy to talk to & a good listener.I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly and proffesionally things were organised and before I knew it, I was chatting with a lovely gentleman and we are still getting on very well together. The support in the early stages was invaluable, organising our first meeting and making sure I was okay with the way things were going. Although I have not spoken with them for a while, I know that should I need to, I would feel able to ring with any questions or ask for advice. The personal touch from day one has been very reassuring, Thank you."Dorothy, 67

"I found the services of Two for Joy Introductions to be completely professional, friendly and very helpful. Especially as I did not want to use computer dating websites. The Profile that was put together on my behalf was excellent and I was very happy with the results. I would highly recommend Two for Joy Introductions as whatever your circumstances are, a bereavement in my case, Sue & Liz have the empathy and understanding to help you find someone like I did. I am very glad I joined, as I haven't been as happy as this for quite a long time. We are planning Christmas and going on holiday at Easter. Neither of us can thank you enough for your efforts on our behalf." Shaun, 60

"Thank goodness for Two for Joy Introductions, as I would be missing out on the wonderful Summer I've had with the person I met through them. I saw their advert in a local magazine last year, but after looking after and caring for a family member for 11 years on my own, I was scared about meeting someone new. Even though I was very lonely, my lack of confidence won out for another 5 months. Thankfully, I kept their detailsand rang Sue first in February 2017. We had a chat on the telephone and Sue was very friendly, completely understanding and very professional. She gave me the details of their services and the best thing for me was that there was no internet involvement, a feature very important to me, being a woman on my own. I thought very carefully about what Sue had said and she had given me some hope over my fears. Sue left it to me to ring her back when i was ready, which I did in April. We agreed to meet for a coffee in my local area, however, as I was due to go away on holiday the following month, I decided to leave things until my return.

On my return in June, I rang Sue and agreed to go ahead. I met Sue & Liz locally to have my photos taken and they then worked on my profile. When I received it I was so pleased with it. It was very professional and with just one slight alteration, we agreed on the finished article. Then the nerves started and I rang Suea few times. She was so supportive and put me at ease. Within the next 2 weeks, Sue rang and told me that I had a match and after we had both agreed to meet, I sat back and waited for the day to arrive. Sue said if I could use their Chaperone service or use their texting facility if i wanted, to make me feel safer. However, by this time, Sue & Liz had really done their 'homework' and reassured me, so off i went to meet my 'date'. We hit it off immediately and without trying to sound too cheesy, three and a half hours went by in seemingly 15 minutes. We got on so well, that we agreed to meet again within the week. Since then, we have spent many happy hours together eating out, going to football matches and visiting local places of interest. We are planning many more and I have had the best timeI've had in many, many years and am very happy. We owe it all to you.

Thank you so much Sue & Liz for all your support, patience, professionalism, reassurance, safety measures and excellent advice and service. If you are sat at home wondering wether or not to contact them, just like I did, or have any worries or concerns about meeting someone new in your life, don't. Give Sue & Liz a call and I hope you'll be as happy as I am. At 60 years of age, I never thought it could happen to me, but it did!"Diane, 60

You can also read the following success stories from one of the directors and her husband who met using this type of Introduction service, and inspired us to start our own business!

‘In 2002 my 16 year marriage ended in divorce. I had a 14 year old daughter who I felt dependant on for companionship. I instantly knew that I didn’t want to remain single for the rest of my life but the prospect of finding another soulmate felt very daunting. I was 46 and felt that my options for meeting someone new were limited. I worked full time and had several female friends from work who were eager to support me in going out to various pubs and clubs where they thought I would meet someone new. My ex- husband also suggested that I tried to meet a new partner by using internet chat rooms.

Testimonials for South Yorkshire dating agency introductions serviceWith a large degree of hope and optimism I accompanied my friends to their suggested venues. I received interest /attention from several men. Although I found them entertaining at the time and enjoyed their flirtatious comments, I didn’t feel that any of them were what I was looking for and actually felt uneasy about accepting their offers of a date. I also resorted to my ex-husbands suggestion and visited internet chat rooms. This created more uneasy feelings for me as I felt some of the interest I received was offensive.

In 2004 during a discussion with a close friend I realised that my attempts to meet someone were not working as I didn’t feel safe dating someone who I knew little about and had no idea what their intentions were from meeting with me. My friend suggested that I contacted a dating agency. I was initially reluctant to do this as I felt this would have the same consequences as the Internet chat rooms. She told me of a local dating service where applicants complete an application form and are then personally vetted and matched according to their profile. Although feeling slightly nervous I contacted the agency. I spoke to a very reassuring lady who gave me the details of how the service operated and the cost of membership. The membership fee was a substantial amount of money. Although this may sound strange but I felt that paying this amount offered reassurance that like myself members were serious about wanting to meet a prospective partner and that their intentions were genuine and dignified. I met with the lady in a café where she interviewed me as part of the vetting process. Again I found this procedure reassuring as the men I would be meeting had undergone the same process. Two weeks later I received a letter from the agency informing me that I had been matched to a man called Steve and also included information from his profile. Later that week I received a phone call from Steve. We chatted for about half an hour and arranged to meet at a pub a few days later. Our first date went really well. We chatted non-stop about our families and various interests. I felt instantly at ease and comfortable with Steve. My relationship developed from then and within a few weeks I knew that I had at last found my Soulmate. We shared the same family values and soon become an important part of each other’s family. We moved in together in 2007 and married in 2015. The years I have spent with Steve have been wonderful. We enjoy each other’s company and now share a happy, loving and fulfilling life with each other.’ Sue 59

‘Being 55 my social circle meant that I was too old for night clubs and the chance of meeting a nice lady was very slim. I saw an advert in the local paper for a dating agency so I applied and joined. It was very professional. The owner came out to meet me at a hotel bar where we had a coffee and a good chat about what sort of lady I would like to meet. She took all my details and proof of who I was. It was only a matter of a week or two before I got a letter of introduction to my first lady who I had to ring up and arrange a meeting with. This happened several times over the next few months. Unfortunately none of the ladies were what I was looking for there was no spark. Then after a few weeks I got another introduction. I rang her and arranged a date. Her name was Sue. We hit it off straight away and we had a lot in common. That was eleven years ago and we are still together and very happy. Personal vetting and introductions worked for me. I married the person I met through this kind of service’. Steve 65

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